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About me

I'm a writer, performer, comedian...


I'm basically someone who likes to tell stories. Whether that's on stage, or on paper. It's a bonus if it makes people laugh.


Also, everything you've heard is true. Yes, I used to be a Sex Worker - phone sex, webcamming, escort and Dominatrix, I've done it all...and I'm happy to tell you all about it!

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I've always been a performer, I've not always been a Sex Worker. You'd be amazed at how many people forget that. I actually started comedy when I was 18, I just didn't have anything to say.


It took my until I was 30 and in the midst of a mid-life crises to do a comedy course and get my confidence back. After 6 months of doing 5 minute spots in and around London, I decided to write my first hour. At it's debut performance at the Camden Fringe, it got 4 star reviews.


Since then I have been working with the marvellous director Ed Hughes to get it that extra star. It has since gone on to sell out at Fringe and Comedy festivals throughout the UK.


However, I'm very precious about not being seen as a gimick, and I'm very proud that my club sets and the accolades I've had from them do not relate to Sex Work at all. They're just about me, being single in my thirties, and all the despair and depravity that comes with it. It's the inspiration spurring the matchmaker inside me which has lead me to host my own cabaret 'Single Comedians Trying To Impress You'.


Now I gig accross the UK, and try to educate people as much as possible about sex-worker rights. I also run a body-positive nightclub that celebrates people of all shapes and sizes in London.


So if you're looking for someone to talk to you about sex-worker rights, size positivity, or just want to have a laugh, I'm the gal for you. Feel free to email me at if you want a chat.


Especially if moneys involved.