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07800 834030

In 2016, I invited people to call me, about anything.

This was a show about what happened when you got people to call you. About anything


'In 07800 834 030, all human life is here. Fundamentally, she proves that, underneath it all, we’re none of us too different from our neighbours. A show that embodies the true spirit of the Fringe and of humanity to boot.'



'A unique premise that offers a different show every night and invites a lively audience. The voicemails left can be funny, sweet, or complete filth.

The best parts of the show are when Miranda phones back the callers with questions suggested by the audience. The weirder your questions are here, the better the calls go, so be bold!

If you're looking for some audience participation mixed with on-the-spot humour, this show's for you!'  Edfringe


Hello. It's hard to describe this as it was different every night. All I can do is promise a full write-up is coming soon! It'll be worth the wait...


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