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I'm very proud to have been asked to debate at Cambridge University and Trinity College Dublin over sex-worker rights and other subjects related to the freedom of sexuality.


I'm have also debated on Radio and television about Body Positivity and the Fat Activism movement.


I'm very happy to bore more people with any subject related to them. Please contact me at

One of my favourite passions is to try to educate people as much as possible about sex-worker rights, and the Body Positivity movement. These are both close to my heart as a former sex-worker, and as I also run a body-positive nightclub that celebrates people of all shapes and sizes.


I have debated both for universities, radio an television and hope that educating young people of today in an informative and entertaining manner will help them to make informed decisions in the future.


So if you're looking for someone to talk to you about sex-worker rights, size positivity, or just want to have a laugh, I'm the gal for you. Feel free to email me at if you want a chat.





Sex work public speaker