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Single Comedians Trying To Impress You!



A hit at Edinburgh Fringe, and currently looking for a London Venue!


Can you help?







Lets face it, we all want to find love. And if you believe every profile on Guardian Soul Mates, it's with someone who has 'A Good Sense of Humour'


So where better to find the partner of your hilarious dreams than at a comedy night?!


Part dating show, part cabaret, a group of single comedians are let loose into the world until someone - anyone - agrees to go out on a date with them!


With fun prizes* and great** entertainment, this should help you flex your romance muscles and find the guy/gal of your dreams!***



TAKE PART! If you're a single comedian. email for a spot!


* From the Poundshop

** Fair-to-midling.

*** At least for the night.