Kinksters! Fetishists! General sex fans!

I need you...

Would anyone like a job of pointing out cool, interesting, or funny people who can talk about sex? Knew you would!

I'm beginning to realise that the more work I do elsewhere, the less in tune I am to the kink community - and that breaks my heart, but bills gotta be paid.


So I’m looking for someone who could spend a couple of hours a week/month/whenever looking for and booking guests to come on to The Good Sex/Bad Sex podcast for me. 


It can all be done in your own time, you’ll just need to find someone you think would be good, contact them to see if they’d like to chat (either in person in London or via skype). If they do, send me over a bio, and I’ll pay you £15. So get 5 guests, and that’s a dead easy £75. 


I’ll give you access to the schedule and all the blurb and a press release you can send them to tell them about us. 


It can be people you know, or have seen online, on TV, or heard on a podcast, or just someone who has an interesting connection to or in depth professional knowledge about a particular fetish/kink. 


Guests don’t need to be famous, but they do need to have a reason to be talking about a particular subject - even if that reason is they do it A LOT. 



Things we’d like to find people for (And i’d really like to stress that we’re not looking to kink-shame or make fun. I want our listeners to know they’re not ‘wrong’ or ‘perverted’ for having certain kinks, and in fact we should have more people talking about them so they can tell them where to start, and how to do it safely.)


Period play

Adult babies

…and anything you think would be a good topic. 



I know this isn’t for everyone, but I know there may also be some people who will find this a fun way to spend an afternoon! 


If you think this is you, drop me a line at