These are the shows I have done, and am happy to do should you wish to invite me to your venue, event, festival or charity. For debates & public speaking, please see my public speaking page. 

Each show can be 1hr or 90 minutes.

No dates available yet for live shows, but you can hear me anytime you like!

'Slaving Away' 
The utterly mundane life of a dominatrix
I'm currently writing the third series of this hit sitcom, which has reached No.1 in the Audible bestsellers chart.
Click the icon to download...but remember, it's definitely NSFW!
Starring me, Hugh Dennis, Jon Holmes, Richard Herring, Phil Jupitus, Mitch Benn, Miriam Margoyles..and me! Did I mention me?

Slaving Away S1 & 2


With 5 star reviews and sold out shows across the UK and Australia, this show is all the things you wanted to know about sex work, but were too afraid to ask!

Nominated for comedy awards at Perth Fringe.

Crossbones: The Outcast Dead

'Imagine a Horrible Histories episode on the topic of medieval prostitution as presented by someone with intimate knowledge of the sex industry'

Nominated for comedy awards at Perth Fringe.

Welcome to Crossbones Graveyard: last resting place of The Winchester Geese. Miranda Kane tells the story of the women who were prostituted by the church and buried in unhallowed ground, as well as many others like them throughout history. This is a funny, fascinating tour of some of the past's of the most infamous sex-workers, with tales the history books would prefer to be kept on the top shelf... "Kane is a thoroughly engaging raconteur and exuberant host" (The List), "Miranda is warm, charming and extremely funny... a great storyteller and is fantastic at engaging with her audience" (

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The truth about sex workers, their clients, and the hilarious, heart-warming and often bizarre moments in a unique career. With hilarious anecdotes and even a Q&A, it's a whole new angle on the world of sex-work. Even if it's not your first time with a prostitute, it'll be the funniest!