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What I do

Public Speaking

I have been very honoured to be invited to discuss and debate sex worker rights and decriminalisation at Oxford, Cambridge and Trinity College. 
I love chatting to people about it and educating them on what the law is at the moment and how it needs to be changed to save more lives. If you would like me at your debate, panel, event..just get in touch!


I am very happy to be hosting the Smut Drop podcast for The Metro! It's a weekly round up to the more eccentric side of sex and relationships, so expect fun, fetishes, and figging!


TedX Talk

It's very important to me that more sex workers are allowed to tell their stories rather than have them be used and exploited by media companies who change their narrative for their own purpose. I was very happy to explain how we can achieve further sex worker rights through storytelling at TedX Aarhus.

Metro columnist

I love a good how to guide! Getting people to leanr how to indulge in their kinks and fetishes in a safe, sane and consensual manner without shame, fear or judgement is a passion of mine. You can read more of my blogs at
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