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Miranda Kane was a plus size sex-worker in London for over ten years. She has since written and starred in three series of the hit sit-com 'Slaving Away' on Audible.


She has also written for the Metro, and hosted their sex & relationship podcasts for four years. She is a keen public speaker, and has taken part in debates about sex worker rights, and appeared on The Guilty Feminist, BBC, Channel 4 and spoken for TedX.

She is fat, funny, opinionated, and determined to make a noise.

My Story

I spent my twenties as a fat woman being paid to have weird, wonderful, vanilla, kink-fuelled, and slightly-dull-at-times sex with a variety of different people. I have spent many years since talking to folks about it, and trying to figure out how we can all improve our attitude towards sex and sex-work.

Yeah, that took me by surprise too.


Before that, I studied theatre, only to be told on my last day that 'There are no fat leading ladies'. Back then, that was very true. This put me on a road which eventually went to sex work, followed by anger at a system that treats fat women like crap. 

However, if I learnt anything it was that theatre should seek to change the world, not to show it. So after realising how dangerous the laws around sex-work are, I decided to hang up my stockings and try to raise awareness through the power of stand-up comedy. I wrote and performed my show 'Coin Operated Girl' to sell-out audiences through the UK and Australia, and was nominated for two comedy awards. 

I was delighted to be invited by Audible to write and star in my own sit-com, 'Slaving Away'. Now in its third season, it's been one of Audibles most downloaded series and features Catherine Steadman, Jon Holmes, Miriam Margolyes and Anthony Head among many others. And me!

After writing a series of columns for The Metro, I co-hosted their first sex podcast 'Good Sex/Bad Sex' with Bibi Lynch for over three years. It has since undergone a little rebrand, and I continue to discuss how to have safe, sane and consensual sex without fear, shame or judgement on the 'Smut Drop' podcast.

I began Club Indulge in 2013 after realising most of the places for plus size women were cattle markets. Instead of focussing on dating, I wanted somewhere which encouraged camaraderie and positivity; the kind of club you could walk into alone, and soon meet your BFFs in the queue for the loo because they wanted to know where you got that amazing dress from.

Otherwise, I enjoy Terry Pratchett, comic books, board games and cats. Preferably in a pub with all four. 

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